Breakup, Make Up & A Baby With Additional needs.

After meeting my current fiancé 2 years prior, we’d had a turbulent relationship to say the least!

We had been on multiple breaks until we had parted for what we thought was good. Fate has a funny way of turning things round for you. After two months of sleepless and teary nights; and to be honest ALOT of pathetic begging from me, my now partner decided that he still loved me and we needed this one final shot, for closure or to make us!

We had an amazing time and things were set for us to have a happy future, all the crap from the past was finally put to bed and we had learnt to concentrate on one another and ourselves as a partnership, we clearly needed the time to grow up and realise what we wanted from life.

We’d always talked about a family; we both wanted the same thing so we were never to shocked or suprised to Find out in the winter of 2013 that we were indeed expecting our first child. 

Life seemed so perfect.

And it’s from Winter 2013 right up until the birth of my miracle daughter Ava ok 29/07/2014 that my life has changed in more ways then one would imagine.

I’ve learnt nothing is simple, life in general definitely has rocky roads ahead for everyone but through it all I am blessed with a beautiful family although it was never how I planned. 



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