Life Cleansing

Since my admission to a psychiatric unit I’ve been on a mission to remove negativity from my life. Things that I believe to be toxic to my happiness and well being, have gone.

This has included social media, I’ve been away from social media for around a month now. Do I miss it? Not really.

For the first week it was really eye opening to see just how much I was be on Facebook aimlessly flicking through, envying peoples lives, their kids, just analysing it all – and I found myself reaching for my phone without realising to have a scroll through, it was a sub conscious effort. I realised how harmful it had become, it was playing on my mental health so badly and I realised I’d made the right choice.

I’ve deleted the apps, I’ve deleted instagram (worst offender for me! #myperfectlife – oh behave! !)

I feel good, I feel free; I’m not suffocating in the class of fakeness, people trying to impress, staged pictures and the constant mental torture I would go through thinking “why can’t I do that?!”

Admittedly I did log back on briefly and post a cheeky post; just because people thought I’d dropped off the edge of the earth, briefly updated I had nearly died (whole other post needed for that!) and I was all good. So I’ve done that, had a nose, felt shit deleted the app and realised, yep, that’s me so totally done with those two social media platforms.

I’m taking time to get back into what I’m truest passionate about, and that is reading and writing. This past week alone I’ve finished two books; in my odd two minutes I read a few pages on IBooks and put it down again. It’s reignited the fire in my belly to finish the book I started working on a few years ago. There’s so many new ideas, and information to add to it – my mind has come alive again.

And, of course not forgetting I am dedicating my time to my children and fighting tooth and nail for my little Girl Ava is who the inspiration behind the book and this blog! She will be getting her own blog post soon because, well ALOT has been happening.

So, back to my social media detox I go.

This feels good!

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