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Pink Noses & Cotton Tails

Now I may be 24 years old, but, I have 3 beloved rabbits and my obsession with these fascinating critters started when I was 21.

One day, myself and my two friends had what we used to call “wonky Wednesday”. It’s a day where it just doesn’t go to plan and you do something completely out there and different, it brightens the week if nothing else!

So we had a spa day, with massages and chilling out, followed by a trip to pets at home where I then left with a rabbit, a hutch and all the extras. My friend left with some fish, which I might add we had to cram into a Citroen saxo with 3 people.

Now the point of this isn’t to tell you all about my wonky Wednesday, it’s to highlight the very real problem and very real issues that rabbits are facing every day.

If any one is thinking of getting a bunny for their children – don’t. The only exception to that is if you’ve researched rabbits in great length, you’re willing to commit to 10 years with them and you can foot the vets bills. 

Let me tell you about one rabbit who goes by the name of Candy. She is a beautiful blue eye dutch x lionhead and I love her as if she were my first born child! 

When I bought Candy, I never quite anticipated the amount of care she needed or that 3 years later I’d be sitting here with a total bill of over £3,000 in just vets fees.

They are classified as exotic pets due to the nature of care they require, they have a very unique digestive system which is also extremely delicate.

They are very sociable and inquisitive, it breaks my heart to see them living lone lives in a tiny hutch forgotten at the bottom of the garden. They need a companion, they need interaction and they need space – lots of it ! 

My candy has had endless surgeries on her teeth and abscesses she’s needed round the clock care and I’ve done it in a heart beat for her. In her short life she’s cost near on £1,500 per year of her 3 years. Sadly her time here is being cut short and I’m likely to lose her soon due to dental disease, again a huge common problem. But she’s had a damn good run!

Don’t commit to a bunny unless you really can, please rescue do not buy  & please find a rabbit savvy vet. If your child wants a cute bunny – buy a stuffed one. 

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