In today’s society you see women and celebrities flaunting their washboard post baby figures just weeks after welcoming a new arrival. 

The reality is most of us don’t have the money nor time to invest into personal trainers, chefs, oh, and a nanny to look after the brood whilst you tend to your postpartum pouch!

So, I’ve decided to embrace my new “mum bod” there was a time I used to go out every weekend in little outfits , show off my lovely figure (god I miss it…!) But, that said, I have housed and grown 3 beautiful humans for 27 months over 3 years consecutively ! 

With each baby I have welcomed I’ve embraced the new stretch marks, two out of the three wer csections so I definitely do have the obligatory “pouch” that will be almost impossible to get rid of, but, hey who cares. 

Having children changes women in more ways then I ever imagined, both physically and emotionally. 

So, for the the next few months I am going to be getting back into shape and being healthier. My third pregnancy was a bag of health issues, from diabetes , high blood pressure and then the ultimate, blood clots on my lungs. If and when we have more children I want to be healthier than I was.

So for now, if you’ve had a baby, having a baby, don’t fret about all those physical changes and most importantly don’t feel in a rush to get back into shape, it may never happen and i salute those who do ping back! 


 a tired, 3 weeks postpartum mummy to 3 little terroists!

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