Different, But Loved No Less #breakingthestigma

Recently I’ve noticed a few things that are really grinding my gears…

Now, don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to choose how to market their campaign or their business BUT that said I can’t help but notice a few things that upset me.

For example, I’m not saying that I want my daughter to model, but I see lots of posts online on social media asking for people to put their happy, smiley children photos up to win X, Y, Z to drum up business and awareness.

What I don’t see, is the beautiful child like my own being chosen.


IS it because she has wires, that feed her, give her the nutrition that you or I take for granted?

Is it because she isn’t a stereotypical 2 year old, that’s unable to walk, talk or crawl?

OR is it because my beautiful, amazing daughter can not smile to show you how happy she is?

Ava doesn’t need to smile, she shines with her eyes, her personality, those eyes are the window to the sweet girls soul.

So why won’t you pick a child like mine, tell me that? ..

She is no less beautiful than all the other children, she is a warrior princess, she’s fought damn hard to be on this planet, just because life had other plans for her and she was born with this condition doesn’t mean she should be shut away and not be included. It doesn’t mean we as a family should hide and feel we can only integrate with ”others like us”.

I really wish companies, big companies that sell baby/children products would start to use ALL children from ALL walks of life, disabilities and everything else.

She isn’t a monster, she isn’t contagious. She is Ava, stigma around disability needs to be broken – families shouldn’t be silenced and accepting of the fact that media doesn’t portray real families, real people and real beauty.

She is different. But she deserves and is loved no less.

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