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It has always been a childhood dream of mine (pretty sure it’s all kids dreams!) To visit Disneyland. We were extremely fortunate to be given an all expenses paid holiday for the whole family. Ava visits a hospice called Little Havens and they offer respite for the whole family, they allow her to be a child, have fun and do “normal” things. There’s an outstanding charity called “magic moments”, who support a few hospices and little havens happens to be one of them. They take families away annually to Paris and this week alone there were a staggering 33 families taken abroad. Next week there will be another group of families going.

Disney land was everything I had ever imagine and more. It is for the young, the old, and the disabled.

It was also breathtaking at this time of year as they had the Christmas parades and it is also Disneyland Paris’s 25th anniversary so it really was spectacular.

One thing I would say if you’re ever going to go, is save, save loads of money! It is not cheap once you get there to eat or drink, oh and the obligatory Disney gifts that I went crazy with and spent close to £1000 on. Yikes!!

Where we stayed was the Sequoia lodge, it was beautifully decorated as woodland creatures from Bambi, it was spacious and had all we needed, except there are no fridges in the rooms which was a real downer but we made do!

I will definitely be returning once the children are a bit older. It was magical to make the memories with Ava and as a family as we aren’t guaranteed a long life with her, so while we have the time we cease the moment.

I would recommend that everyone goes and goes at least once, you will not be disappointed.

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