Family life

Some Days Are Hard…

Before we get back to The story that lead to me here, today is a hard day.

I’m almost 27 weeks pregnant with my second baby and my little girl is 8 months old. She has many many needs. 

We went to my families house this weekend and had a Buffett style feast, it was great to see my sisters, nieces are their partners all together and just relax. I’ve had a pretty rough ride over the weekend with my SPD and other dramas in the family turning sour and relations breaking off …

To put the cherry on top was waking Ava being a little Madame from about midnight last night till – well it’s ongoing!

She has a full on cold, I’ve had projectile vomit all over me multiple times and a UTI that she hasn’t been able to shift in over a month!

So, that’s a trip to hospital this week for an ultrasound as i suspect she has kidney reflux. One of the many many things linked to her condition.

I am SO tired and now Steven says he’s is ill… I mean come on give me a break! This Mumma is tired!

The worst part is my baby is now back on oxygen for the time being just whilst she gets over this cold. 

Let’s hope this passes soon, we all need this illness to pass!


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