6 Months in hospital …

When you have a new baby you can’t wait to take them home and start living a normal life!

That never happened for me!

If you’ve read my previous posts you would have see that when Ava was born she required extensive treatment and CPR.

I never got to see her for around 24 hours all I had been told is she had “skin tags” for ears, and that they eventually got her to breathe but putting her on her side because she was born with mycroganthia which means a short jaw. As this was the case as she was being resuscitated her tongue was being forced back into her throat and blocking ber airway completley.

I am forever thankful to my midwife Brenda who noticed that this was the case and turned her onto her side, if they had carried on much longer she would not be here today.

On day two of life my baby girl was transported to Great Ormond Street Hospotal London – this is where she remained for 6 agonising months.


We were blue lighted in an ambulance like this with my baby on life support from my local to GOSH. My local wasn’t specialist enough for her, no one knew what was wrong, they couldn’t tell us and we had no idea what would unfold. 

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