An Exciting Day

So, Ava can not sit unaided and her muscle tone is very poor, she also has a tendency to lop to one side.

To aid her she is being fitted with a specialist chair today that should help build her strength. We already have a chair called a “tumble forms” and it’s actually helped loads in the space of two weeks, it comes with a tray and she can see the world a bit more.

 She loves to play with toys on the tray and I’ve managed to get her to clap back to me when I clap!

It’s a huge milestone, it tells me she understands. Although she may not be able to hear me, she quite clearly can understand the concept of basic things, she’s amazing. How she has adapted to things that are an everyday thing to us it’s brilliant.

We also have her cochlear implant meeting this week… Then the following week she will be fitted with a hearing aid on her right (good) ear. I’m excited and scared at the same time. 

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