Someone once asked me, “how do you cope knowing your child is deaf and will never hear you?”
To be honest at the time the thought never entered my head as something that I wouldn’t or shouldn’t be able to cope with. 
We never expected Ava to have medical issues, least of all to be deaf. Doctors told us when she was a week old that she had suspected CHARGE syndrome and that with this she was likely to be blind and deaf. 

Well, in an instant my world was shattered, I kept thinking over and over again, what life is she going to have? Will she even have a life? What about my life? What will we do? How will things pan out? School?… All totally normal questions, but all so irrelevant at the time. She had far more pressing issues then her vision and sight. 
The day the doctors almost guaranteed that she could see, and could see perfectly I didn’t care she was deaf. 
I didn’t care she would never hear my voice, or that she wouldn’t hear all the wonderful sounds , or that for 9 months I had been talking to my bump, convinced she could hear my complaints, my chat and my heartbeat. 
It didn’t matter and doesn’t matter. 
I’ll show Ava the world, we will see the beauty together, I’ll spell the world out and paint beautiful colour with her. 

She doesn’t need to hear my my voice, she doesn’t need to hear my heartbeat, she felt it, and she’s stolen it. 

 She can see from my face and others the love I and we all have for her. 
So, how do you feel when you are told your child is deaf?
You get on with it, you learn a new language of sign, you embrace it and you learn to see more clearly. 
Together we can do anything. 

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