New Start

I haven’t done a blog post in a while, I update my Facebook page regularly but that mainly focuses on the golden girl herself, where as this space is mine to tell all about my life and my little family.

— if you ever want to check out my fb page it’s @avaappleby2014 😉

So what’s been happening of late? Not a great deal to be honest time passes people come in and leave again and the world continues to spin…

Ava started her new nursery a few weeks ago, although she hasn’t been to many sessions due to ill health, being around children, or even people for that matter is really taking it’s toll on her immune system (it’s taking it’s toll on my sanity too…) It seems that each week I can almost set my watch to it that she will become ill the day after nursery, and it’s not just a sniffle. No.

It’s, shit, Ava needs her oxygen doubled, she’s spiked a fever of 40 and we debate whether or not to use her yellow card and get her to hospital. Truth be told we do not use her direct access card much any more because our house is a replica of a hospital. We know far more about our little girls condition then any of the paediatricians at the hospital, within the area Ava is the only child treated with CHARGE. So with that in mind the general chaos and planning it takes to get everyone out the door is not easy. Home is where we stay.

The boys! Oh my, why did no-one ever tell me that raising boys was this hard! This messy, this exhausting…but ultimately this fun!

My two boys Steven and Ralph are comical to watch together, my baby is now 9 months (waaaaa where DID that time go?!) And is almost, almost off and crawling – I have lazy boys!

But the two of them together fascinate me, Ralph is fixated with Steven and will laugh, a proper roaring belly laugh at the things his big brother does and I could watch them interacting all day long.

The world is still spinning and I will be updating my blog more regularly.

We have some exciting things planned and we also have some major surgery on the cards very soon.

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